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Science Festival 2008 – DIVERSITY
Genoa, 23 October – 4 November

A point of reference for the dissemination of science.
A chance for researchers, science-lovers, schools and families to meet.
One of the biggest science dissemination events in the world.

An event for everyone
Meetings, workshops, shows and conferences to talk about science in an innovative and involving way, with an approach based on the interactive and transversal nature of the events. 13 days in which the mathematical, natural and human sciences reveal their interdisciplinary natures for an education and dissemination without boundaries.

A new paradigm
Every year the Festival offers events inspired by current issues in scientific debate, world premières of shows and exhibitions dedicated to finding a meeting point between art and science with particular attention paid to developments in the most advanced research and to researchers from emerging nations.

A global event
Closely linked to the city of Genoa and Liguria, the Festival is an event with a quintessentially international nature. Every year, meetings and participation with major foreign guests enhance the days dedicated to science, producing to long-lasting partnerships between important figures and institutions from all over the world.

A sustainable event
The 2008 edition of the Festival will be emissions-free: CO2 emissions produced by the show will be reduced thanks to important forestry projects that will use photosynthesis to absorb greenhouse gasses and compensate or “neutralize” unavoidable emissions amounting to about 1,685 tons of CO2.This important environmental project was developed in collaboration with Azzero Co2 and made possible thanks to ENEL.