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Words, symbols, codes, figures, images and music. Humankind uses many systems to communicate: some have existed since the beginning of our time while others have evolved and changed according to the territory. Diversity is at the root of cultural contamination and is fertile ground for the birth of new, more modern, languages, which have changed the way we communicate, starting from spoken and written language. The word is a human particularity, but it is only one of the many communication codes we use every single day. It is possible to bring out into the light less-known languages by exploring the numerous possibilities of expression, but also science, which is here shown in all its creativity, its metaphorical power and its ability to raise emotions.

Equal? Unequal! – S – Exhibition
The mathematician’s workshop
Target: +6

Offered by: Unità di Milano – Città Studi del Centro Matematica

It is time to do away with one of the most common prejudices linked to mathematics: the exact science in truth leaves room to a great deal of freedom and creativity. The classification of objects, which is at the root of every mathematic investigation, requires open-mindedness and imagination. This exhibition puts our senses to the test. Our senses often trick us into making things look similar to each other when they are not similar at all. Under certain conditions, a tank may become a life-ring, a lace may look like a floor in the Alhambra of Granada and a circle may look like a satellite dish. A visit to the mathematician’s workshop places us in the shoes of the scientist and by choosing the right criteria we can try to classify concepts and objects.

Skies of the world 2 – S – Exhibition
Discovery of the skies in different parts of the world
Target: 5 – 10

Offered by: Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri - INAF, Associazione Culturale Googol. In collaboration with: Universe Awareness – UNESCO program of the International Astronomical Union. With the support of Focus Jr and Pico

The ancient Romans saw seven oxen, the Greeks saw a bear, the Chinese thought it looked like a sort of measuring cup. Even though today it is now called the “big dipper” North America and in the UK it is called the “plough”, it remains the constellation Ursa Major, one of the biggest and most easily recognizable in the boreal hemisphere. The sky has always been a common factor for the  people od the world and the stars, with their mysterious allure, have inspired age-old myths and legends. “The skies of the world” returns to the Festival with new stories to tell and an original approach to celestial mysteries. Discover Africa in the planetary itinerary, India by speaking to an Indian astronomer and experiment for yourself a workshop where you can make objects such as a wrist compass, a Galileo telescope and a spectroscope, to play and learn thanks to observing the sky.

A story of Energy – Exhibition
Multimedia and interactive exhibition
Target: +6

Offered by: Codice. Ideas for culture. Project made possible by ERG

A reflection on the evolution of energy to highlight its natural beauty but also the importance of using it correctly and how to preserve it. The exhibition is a multimedia and interactive route which uses a metaphor of the light given by a little firefly that “lights up” our awareness of our relationship with energy in all its forms and how we live and work in our world. This will enable the visitor to discover day-to-day scenarios where the importance of energy is seen from sun-up to sun-down in an unexpected way. Everything is illuminated: the harbour, the square, city streets, the airport, countless little events that take place hour after hour, places and people that appear and disappear. Then night falls and the public discovers another scenario.

Something connected with energy – Show
Music and images by Michael Nyman
Target: +10

Offered by: Codice. Ideas for culture. Project made possible by ERG

From images to music: energy as a leading theme of a great event. An exclusive preview in Genoa of a special event signed by Michael Nyman, who confirms his interest in science and his close friendship with the Festival. The show will be performed by the Ensemble Sentieri Selvaggi and directed by Carlo Boccadoro and will showcase pictures taken by Michael Nyman and by him “composed” to the rhythm of music. The close partnership between Nyman and Sentieri Selvaggi was forged in 2003 when they came to the science festival with “The man who mistook his wife for a hat”, a performance dedicated to the words of Oliver Sacks, to kick off a season of shows inspired by science.

MateFitness labs. Different Mathematics – S – Workshop - Cycle
A trip through mathematics without the numbers
Target: +6

Offered by: CNR–PSC and the Università degli Studi di Genova, in collaboration with the University of Rome

What do bridges over rivers have to do with nodes? And doughnuts with maps? What do games have to do with auctions? What surprises does geometry hold? You will learn the answers in a fun interactive workshop in discovery of mathematics without the numbers. Mathematics is considered by many as the science of numbers and limit it only to counting. It is approached, above-all by kids, with fear and often even rejected. Actually, much of that depends on a misleading image of mathematics, which tends to dismiss its creativity and intuition and focus on its mechanical and repetitive aspects. Not everyone knows that there are areas that are light years away from this way of seeing math. Until recently, doing mathematics meant only being precise and quick in calculations, but recent discoveries and a new interdisciplinary vision of this fascinating subject have proved otherwise.

Magisterial lesson and international dialogues

Science can be lived and told in ways that differ greatly: the international dialogue between the 2008 winner of the Premio Strega Paolo Giordano and Scarlett Thomas is just one example, to be placed side-by-side with Wendy Pollock’s, Delphine Grinberg’s and Jorge Wagensberg’s experiences, who are all differently active in the field of scientific museums and science centres. In the same way, science can be hidden in the least expected places and expressed in the most disparate languages, as Jonah Lehrer will explain alongside the sword-eater and the medic who studied his physiology in an entertaining return from the “Ignobels”. The great chessmasters Igor Efimov and Lexy Ortega will instead take part in two conversations on the mystery of chess and, above all, of its players. Finally our words and those of other languages will be seen in a new light, thanks to the aphorism expert James Geary.