2005 Edition

The 2005 Science Festival welcomed numerous outstanding guests, on a par with those who have participated in previous years.

Among them: Amir Aczel, Andrea Ballabio, Giovanni Bignami, Edoardo Boncinelli, John Brockman, Marcello Buiatti, , Richard Ellis, Brian Fagan, Richard Fortey, Owen Gingerich, Giulio Giorello, Pietro Greco, Brian Greene, Robert Laughlin, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Giorgio Parisi, Roger Penrose, Carlo Alberto Redi, Martin Rees, Merritt Ruhlen, Sandro Stringari, Paul Seabright, Gino Segre, Craig Venter, Gabriele Veneziano.

Exhibitions, laboratories, and special initiatives: for 2005, the Science Festival of Genoa planned a series of events that explore the planet of science from every angle. Science and education met in the exhibits of the "Simple and complex 2005" exhibition, which returned, more extensive and more interactive, and in the numerous natural science, physics, chemistry, and astronomy laboratories, while the exhibition dedicated to the fossils discovered in Patagonia illustrated the latest devices adopted to discover the history and secrets of dinosaurs. Art and science were at the centre of a large exhibition, "The four elements", which put the spotlight on the way contemporary art interprets nature; numerous other photographic, educational and interactive exhibitions completed the 2005 Festival exhibition programme.

The intense programme of shows special events for the 2005 Festival compared the different languages of science, dance, art, the television documentary, the theatre and the cinema, featuring the world premiere of "The Children of Uranium" by Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke. Plus theatre performances, concerts, games, animation and special events that made the whole city of Genoa the Capital of Science for 13 days.
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